All Access Protect

This promo has ended.

Be ready for the unexpected

Avail an All Access Protect – an All Acccess Checking Account and an FWD Set for Health bundle, to get exclusive health rewards.

  • You’ll get a Passbook, Checkbook, Everyday EMV Mastercard Debit Card. Application only takes 15 minutes!
  • Experience the Best-in-Class: Our All Access Checking Account is an award-winning deposit product!
  • It also comes with Free Group Life Insurance

FWD Set for Health Life Insurance lets you have a financial peace of mind, with coverage for 42 major critical illnesses and allows you to claim up to 3 times.

Age of Eligibility of the Insured

  • 5 pay option – 18 to 55 years old
  • 10 pay option – 18 to 55 years old

Payment Terms: 5 or 10 years Coverage: Up to 75 years old

Promo Period is from September 4, 2021 – January 4, 2022
This promo is only for New-to-Bank clients only. See promo mechanics for more info. 


All Access Account Details

All Access Checking Account is banking simplified: a savings and checking account in one. It comes with a passbook, checkbook, Everyday EMV Debit Mastercard and FWD Group Life Insurance up to 3x your ADB (Up to 3M).

  • Opening Balance: PHP 5,000
  • Maintaining Balance: PHP 25,000
  • Balance to earn interest: PHP 100,000
  • Interest (p.a): 0.10%
  • Free Group Life Insurance: up to 3x your ADB (up to 3M)

All Access Protect Bundle Rewards

Choose one reward upon successful application of the bundle.

KonsultaMD: Telemedicine Access

Valid for 6 months

  • Telephone triage “Triage” in medical use means determining the urgency of the situation
  • Medical information for primary conditions, maternity, pediatrics, and other conditions
  • First aid advice
  • Interpretation of and information on, lab and diagnostic results
  • E-prescription or e-laboratory request, if necessary

Assist America: Global Emergency Services

Valid Period for 1 year

  • Medical Consultation, Evaluation, and Referral to Licensed Physicians
  • Medical Emergency Assistance (ambulance, connecting with medical facilities, etc.)
  • Medical Repatriation
  • Hospital Admission Assistance
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Prescription Assistance
  • Emergency Message Transmission
  • Compassionate Visit
  • Care of Minor Child(ren)
  • Return of Mortal Remains
  • Interpreter and Legal Referrals
  • Lost Luggage or Document Assistance
  • Pre-trip Information

Set for Health Benefits

Claim Up to 3x

Finally! You’ve got a plan that doesn’t just stop when you make a claim for critical illness. FWD Set for Health allows you to claim up to 3x against unrelated major critical illnesses.

Additional 20% Plan Coverage

FWD Set for Health also covers 9 minor critical illnesses. So, we’re giving you 20% on top of your other benefits to help you with the smaller medical expenses.

100% of Your Coverage at Death

In case of death before age 75, we will look after your family by giving them 100% of your plan’s coverage amount so they can be financially worry-free.

Set for Health Rewards

1-year unlimited consultation at The Medical City Ambulatory Clinic

FWD Card powered by Security Bank

100% Premium Payments Back

FWD Set for Health rewards you with 100% of all your premium payments back if you don’t claim for any major critical illness until the age of 75.

Flexible Payment Terms

FWD Set for Health covers you up to age 75, with our flexible payment terms that give you the choice and convenience of 5-year or 10-year.

Future Premium Payments Waiver

If you get diagnosed with your first major critical illness, we’re waiving future premium payments so you don’t have to worry about paying for your plan during recovery and you can focus on what matters most—being well again.

Promo Mechanics

  1. Promo Period is from September 4, 2021 – January 4, 2022 (“Promo Period”).
  2. To qualify for the Promo, the following conditions should be met:
    1. Customer should be a new-to-bank client (“NTB”) who applies for an All Access– FWD Set for Health Bundle via Security Bank’s Online Account Opening portal (link to portal to be provided) during the Promo Period.For this promo, an NTB client is defined as a client whose first customer date (“FCD”) falls within the Promo Period.Note: FCD is the date when a client’s Customer Information Form (CIF) is created in the bank’s database
    2. Client should apply for an FWD Set for Health (“SFH”) Insurance within thirty (30) calendar days after the All Access Checking Account opening. Clients who avail of an FWD Set for Health after thirty (30) calendar days are no longer qualified to avail of the exclusive promo bundle reward.
    3. Settlement accounts AND accounts assigned to term deposits and loan products are NOT included the Promo.
    4. Corporate accounts are NOT included in the Promo.
  3. To qualify for a FWD Set for Health, the client should be:
    1. Client must be 18-55 years old
    2. Client must be a Filipino citizen
    3. Client must be in the Philippines upon application
  4. Clients who have met the above conditions (“Qualified Clients”) can choose one (1) promo bundle reward between the following:
    1. 6 months Free KonsultaMD Telemedicine Access
    2. 1-year Free Assist America Global Emergency Services
  5. The insurance coverage is valid only for select Qualified Clients and is non-transferable.
  6. The All Access account of the Qualified Client will be used for auto-deduction of the premiums of the FWD Set for Health availed.
  7. In case the All Access account is a joint AND/OR account, the Insurance Coverage will be awarded to the primary accountholder.
  8. Clients who have not completed their eKYC or account opening requirements for All Access thirty (30) calendar days after the Promo Period shall no longer be qualified to avail of the promo bundle reward.
  9. Clients who availed of the FWD Set for Health separately (i.e., without an All Access Checking Account) shall not get the promo bundle reward.
  10. In the case that the Qualified Client closed their All Access account or chose to transfer the auto deduction of FWD Insurance premium to a non-All Access account, the promo bundle reward shall be forfeited at Security Bank’s discretion.
  11. Employees of FWD Life Insurance Corporation and its subsidiaries including their relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity are not qualified to participate in the promotion.
  12. Employees of Security Bank Corporation and its subsidiaries including their relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity are not qualified to participate in the promotion.
  13. All new All Access account openings are subject to existing policies and procedures of the Bank, including, but not limited to, the following:
    1. All accounts opened during the promo period will be subject to existing KYC/account opening policies.
    2. Accounts closed within 30 days of the account opening will be subject to corresponding early closure penalty fees.
    3. Existing below maintaining balance charges corresponding to the participating product shall be applied.
  14. All questions and dispute with respect to the Promo shall be resolved by the Bank with the concurrence of DTI, and any decision shall be binding and conclusive on the Qualified Clients.
DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-126519 Series of 2021