SB Spot: FOREX Online

Manage dollar-to-peso transactions from the comforts of your home!

What is SB SPOT?

The Security Bank Secured Platform for Online Trade (SB SPOT) is a platform that allows you to make 24/7 foreign exchange (FOREX) transactions online, in real time, on any day of the week-even on weekends and holidays!

You can get up-to-date currency rates while you find your forex transactions as well as receive the exchanged currency. You can access SB SPOT through the Security Bank Online Foreign Exchange Service module.


  • A Security Bank Online account*
  • Enrolled and active USD and PHP accounts in SBOL**
  • Maintaining balance of $500.00
  • Other documentary requirements

*Click here to open a Security Bank Online account

**Click here to open a foreign currency account

Features and Benefits

24/7 Availability

Real-time Transactions

Competitive Rates

No Cash Handle

How to Use SB SPOT

Log in to Security Bank Online (SBOL). Choose “Payments & Transfers,” then “Convert Dollar to Peso.”

Fill in the details. Review the transaction, tick Terms & Conditions box and click Submit.

Print the Acknowledgement page and keep it for reference.

Expect to receive a notification thru email.

Have questions about SB SPOT?

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is SB SPOT?
  2. The Security Bank Secured Platform for Online Trade (SB SPOT) is a facility that allows retail customers to do 24/7 foreign exchange (FOREX) transaction online. Client will have access to up-to-date currency rates and can use their own Security Bank account to fund their transactions as well as to receive their exchanged currency amount real-time.

    Security Bank Online client may access this facility through the SB Online “Foreign Exchange Services” module.

  3. How does a customer access the SB SPOT facility in SB Online?
  4. Client may access this facility by following these easy steps:

    • Log-in to Security Bank Online
    • Click “Others” choose “Foreign Exchange Services” then “Convert Dollar to Peso”.
    • On the “Terms and Conditions” page, tick the “I have read…” box then “Submit”.
    • Complete “Convert Dollar to Peso” transaction details then click “Submit”.
    • Review transactions details and click “Confirm”.
    • Print the Acknowledgement page for reference.
    • Expect a notification to be sent to your email for the detail of your forex transactions
  5. What type of FOREX transactions can a client process under this facility?
  6. Client may process Bank Purchase (Dollar to Peso) transactions only

  7. What are the basic requirement for me to initiate a FOREX transaction
    • Customer should be enrolled in the SBOL facility
    • Customer should have enrolled and active USD and PHP accounts in SBOL
  8. Once a FOREX transaction is successfully processed, when does the Customer’s PHP account be credited?
  9. PHP amount will be credited to the Customer’s PHP account real-time.

  10. Can Customer process FOREX transaction after banking hours?
  11. Yes, SB SPOT is available 24/7.

  12. Can Customer process FOREX transactions on weekends/holidays?
  13. Yes, facility is available even on weekends and holidays.