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Plan Your Investments Ahead of Time With our UITF-RSP Facility

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Good news for all current and starting investors! You may now top-up on your UITF investments without having to go to your branch of account.

What is the Regular Subscription Plan (RSP)?

The SB Unit Investment Trust Fund – Regular Subscription Plan (RSP) allows individual investors to plan ahead in topping up their UITF investment without calling their branch of account. 

With the RSP clients can:

  1. Top-up their UITF Investments once or twice a month on their preferred schedule 
  2. Enjoy the regular top-ups for a minimum of P5000 or as low as $100 depending on the fund
  3. Enjoy Zero charges for both enrollment and cancellation

How does the SB UITF-RSP work?

The RSP works in 3 easy steps. 

  1. Simply choose any one (1) UITF from 10 of our UITFs. Keep in mind that before enrolling in the RSP, clients must already have an outstanding investment in their chosen SB Fund. See our UITF products here
  2. Set your preferred top-up amount. Minimum of Php5,000.00 per contribution for Peso UITFs and as low as USD100.00 per contribution for Dollar UITFs. 
  3. Set your dates. The RSP facility allows clients to set a maximum of 2 dates per month wherein the set contributions will be automatically debited from their accounts.

Compared to the previous process wherein clients would have to visit their branch and prepare/accomplish an MTAF form each time a top-up was made, the RSP makes the entire process more convenient by eliminating the need for the clients to go to their branch and accomplish an MTAF form every time a top-up is made.

What’s in it for the clients?

Automatic Investments

The RSP’s Auto-debit facility can regularly set aside funds for immediate investment

Cost Averaging

Spread your cost between the highs and lows of the market


All you’ll need is a one-time submission of the RSP enrollment form (valid up to 3 years)! This will be readily available in all SBC Branches nationwide

How to Enroll

  1. Download the UITF – RSP Form here
  2. Fill out the Necessary Fields
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  4. Submit the form to your branch of account

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I enroll my UITF account to the RSP?

    Via the Branches – you may visit any SBC branch to request the RSP enrollment form and by signing the RSP LOI Form.

  2. What SB Funds will be made available for RSP?

    All our SB Peso and Dollar Funds are available for RSP.

  3. Can I nominate another deposit account where the scheduled contribution will be debited?

    No. Your scheduled contribution will only be debited to your UITF’s designated settlement account unless you submit a new LOI amending your nominated settlement account for UITF.

  4. Can I immediately enroll in RSP upon account opening?

    Yes. Just sign the LOI form for RSP together with the Account opening kit.

  5. What will happen to the client’s scheduled contribution if their CASA is unfunded?

    No contribution to happen. Next contribution date will proceed as scheduled. No penalty to be imposed.

  6. Will I be notified of my contribution?

    Yes. Confirmation of Participation (COP) will be issued via email every successful top-up/subscription (same process with manual top-ups).

  7. What will happen if my CASA is unfunded upon the scheduled RSP date?

    The next contribution date will proceed as scheduled. In the event that CASA is unfunded for 5 consecutive dates, RSP is deemed canceled.

  8. What will happen if my RSP date falls on a holiday, weekend, or non-banking day?

    The debit should be on the next banking day. For example RSP Date: May 30 – Holiday; debit will be on June 1.

  9. Can I amend or cancel my RSP enrollment?

    Yes. Requests for amendments or termination of enrollment in the RSP enrollment may be coursed through your Branch of account and signed RSP LOI indicating amendment or cancellation shall be submitted.

  10. For how long can the RSP take effect?

    RSP terms is at a maximum of 36 months unless otherwise indicated by the client in the LOI.



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