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Financial Highlights

Security Bank Corporation takes the leadership position among the most profitable and best managed banks in the industry. With a record of exceptional performance and excellent stakeholder value, the bank is focusing on synergizing its core business strengths in Consumer, Corporate, & Investment Banking to sustain its long term success.

Financial Statements

With a marked growth over the past few years, Security Bank not only shows stability, but also a building momentum towards greater things to come.

financial highlights

This growth is certainly reflected in the bank’s most recent financial statements, showing healthy ratios and stability investors have grown to rely on.


Shareholder Information

Security Bank’s ordinary shares are listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) under stock symbol SECB.

Annual Reports

*The Better Banking Lifestyle: 2014 Annual Financial and Sustainability Report, has been added on GRI’s website for Security Bank and has been approved by GRI. This report will be added to GRI’s Sustainability Disclosure Database.

Press Releases


5/03/2016 Security Bank Posts 22% ROE in First Quarter 2016 with Php 3 Billion Profit
2/10/2016 Security Bank Posts All-Time High Net Income of Php 7.7 Billion in 2015 For 15.2% ROE


10/27/2015 Security Bank Net Income at Php 6.1 Billion in First Nine Months of 2015 for 16% ROE
07/29/2015 Security Bank 1H-2015 Net Income at Php 4.657 Billion, Up 29% for 19% ROE
05/07/2015 Security Bank First Quarter Net Income At Php 3.36 Billion, Up 135%
02/11/2015 Security Bank 2014 Net Income Up 43% to Php 7.2 Billion for 16.3% ROE


10/4/2014 Security Bank Net Income Up 54% to Php 6.428 Billion in First Nine Months
8/12/2014 Security Bank 1H-2014 Net Income Up 115% to Php 3.614 Billion for 17.2% ROE
5/14/2014 SECURITY BANK Posts 17% growth in 1Q 2014 Net Income at Php 1.43 billion
2/14/2014 Security Bank Grows Balance Sheet by 34%


11/11/2013 Security Bank Reports P4.2Bn in Net Income in First Nine Months of 2013
8/8/2013 Security Bank Reports P1.7 Billion in Net Income Amidst Business Expansion in First Half of 2013
5/28/2013 Security Bank Sees Growth in Retail Banking and Asset and Wealth Management
5/10/2013 Security Bank reports Php 1.2B net income for Q1-2013


11/14/2012 Security Bank Net Income Up by 55% and Total Resources by 28%
8/1/2012 Security Bank Loans Grow 29% Year on Year
5/29/2012 Security Bank Sees Strong and Balanced Financial Performance to Continue
5/14/2012 Security Bank sees strong year, lending up 20% in Q1


11/9/2011 Security Bank maintains high ROE at 20%
8/4/2011 Security Bank’s Net Income Gains by 33%
7/26/2011 Security Bank receives Credit Ratings boost
5/31/2011 Security Bank Signs Agreement with Marubeni Corporation of Japan to Establish Joint Venture Leasing
5/11/2011 Security Bank Loan Portfolio Grows 25.7%
2/1/2011 Security Bank Earns Return on Equity of 25% on P6.7 Billion Net Income in 2011