Investment Management Accounts


Investment Management Account refers to the management of assets of individual and corporate clients. The assets, together with all the income generated, will be returned to the client as instructed.

  • SBC – Trust, as Investment Manager designs and implements investment strategies suited to client's specific requirements.
  • Disposition of funds may be subject to full or limited discretion of the Bank.

Key benefits

Enjoy the benefits of growing your assets with our investment management accounts:

  • Get professional and prudent asset administration
    and asset management.
  • Enjoy efficient liquidity and timely remittances.
  • Get all the necessary documentation requirements and legal assistance that you need.

Two Main Types

Type Features Minimum Requirements
Regular IMA The Trust Division is given full discretionary authority in the management of your funds. PHP 100,000,000
Directional IMA You can specify terms and conditions and direct SBC – Trust on where to invest funds. PHP 5,000,000

Want to know more about about IMA?

Eligibility, Documentary Requirements, FAQs