Peso Corporate Bonds


Peso Corporate Bonds are medium to long-term investments issued by SEC-Registered Philippine corporations.

Additional Features:

  • Earns fixed interest rate
  • Higher interest rate compared to government securities due to higher risk
  • Less liquid compared to government securities but can still be bought or sold before maturity through the Philippine Dealing Exchange (PDEX)

Key Features

Looking for a medium-term investment with a higher interest rate? This is for you.

Issuer SEC-Registered Philippine Corporations
Tenor 5-15 years
Redemption Price At par (or 100% of face value)
Interest Rate Prevailing Market Rate
(Subject to 20% final withholding tax
except for tax-exempt institutions)
Interest Payment Quarterly or Semi-Annually
Minimum Investment Php 50,000

Benefits to Investors

Higher Interest Rate

Peso Corporate Bonds have higher returns compared to their government counterparts.

Low-Risk Investment

Peso Corporate Bonds are debt commitments from top Philippine corporations.

Fixed Rates

Your income stream arrives on a fixed regular basis regardless of market changes.

Wide Range of Terms

You can choose to invest on Peso Corporate Bonds for as short as 5 years until 15 years.

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