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No need to visit the branch

Security Bank Online has 24/7 availability and complete transaction functionality!

Best-in-class interface

Simple and clean interface that minimizes the number of clicks to get you where you want to go

Leader in innovation

Experience unique features like cardless withdrawals with eGiveCash and online savings with eSecure Savings

Guaranteed Online Security

Your accounts are protected with SMS transaction alerts and 2-factor authentication!

What’s inside

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Bank Online

Manage dollar-to-peso transaction from the comforts of your home

With the Security Bank Secured Platform for Online Trade (SB SPOT) you can make 24/7 foreign exchange transactions online, in real time, on any day of the week—even on weekdays and holidays!

Secure your ATM Card through Security Bank Online and protect yourself against fraud.

Got locked out of your ATM due to invalid PIN attempts? Now, you can lock and unlock your ATM PIN online!

Security Bank Online is your 24/7 gateway to Better Banking!

No need to go to the branch, you can manage your accounts, complete your fund transfers, pay your bills and so much more – all from the comforts of your own home.

The most convenient way to bank – made easy, and easy to the eye!

We like keeping it simple and clean: our online banking interface is built to be intuitive to your needs, with straightforward menus, shortcuts and active transaction feeds!

All your transaction needs – just a click away!

Account Management, Fund Transfers, Bills Payments, Mobile Reloading, Foreign Exchange, and UITF Subscription and Redemption are just the tip of the iceberg! And you’ll never feel lost with our navigational accordions to guide you!

We will guide you - with our step-by-step transactions

There’s no room for confusion! We’ve made sure to build our online banking with your needs in mind. With this personal touch, it almost feels as though our tellers are there to help you!

Make your Security Bank Online experience even better the more you use it by saving your favorite actions, transferees and more!

Adapting to your needs, our online banking gets easier the more you use it!

Guaranteed security with SMS 2-Factor Authentication and Transaction Alerts

Feel secure with the utmost in security with SMS one-time passwords for validation and transaction alerts for your review

First-in-class innovations like eSecure Savings and eGiveCash

Security Bank Online is also home to new and easy ways to save and transfer money that can’t be found anywhere else!


Exclusive for you

Learn about two great features
that is unique to Security Bank Online

Instantly send money to anyone in the country, simply through SMS

Earn high interest with this online-only savings account


eGiveCash is an instant cash transfer facility unique to Security Bank. The service can be initiated in just a few easy steps through Security Bank Online!

There’s no other fund transfer like it! No other bank can allow you to transfer money to anyone in the country as long as they have a mobile phone and a Security Bank ATM within the area!

It’s just as easy as any other fund transfer! Simply follow the steps to fill out the online form to transact – you wouldn’t even have to leave the comforts of your own home!

Instant transfers, always within reach! Once you have confirmed your transaction through our OTP validation, two SMS codes will simultaneously sent out to you and your recipient!

Just a text away! Send your SMS code to your recipient, as inputting both in any SBC ATM will allow them to withdraw the funds! It’s just as easy as that!

Learn more about Security Bank eGive Cash and its first-in-class convenience by visiting this webpage

E-Secure Savings are virtual savings accounts with interest rates higher than regular savings accounts! They can only be opened through Security Bank Online.

The more you put in an account, the higher the interest rate! Tiers are available for viewing in the Online Banking landing page upon login.

Open an eSS account by simple selecting your source enrolled account and transferring your desired amount. You can open as many accounts as you want, and name them to match your various savings goals!

Withdrawing your funds is just as easy! We have exhaustive and easy-to-navigate menu to help you manage your eSS accounts.

Learn more about e-Secure Savings and why you should open them by visiting this webpage

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